Social Media Strategy

A step-by-step, customized, Social Media Strategy to grow your online presence

I get it. You are not ready yet to completely let go of your social media account. But yet, you are lacking time to come up with ideas and just running around like a headless chicken to make (maybe only mediocre) posts.

Together, we can get you a step-by-step social media strategy to grow yóur business. Because it doesn’t take hours. And really, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”


Steps to a successfull social media strategy

Define your goals with me

I will send you a questionnaire to fill out, where you share your goals and the current status of your accounts.

Strategy document

With your information I can create a strategy document for you to hold on to.

Just do it

We discuss the strategy document together and from there it’s just following the steps for you!

An open laptop and notebook ready to start writing the content based on your social media strategy

What’s in the social media strategy?

The social media strategy consists of two months (!) of content ideas for your target audience.

By combining the research and your goals, I can make a proper strategy for you to follow. The ideas are written out, the preferred platform is chosen and also hashtag research is done for you. Now you can start!

The strategy in bullets

– Your goals defined
– Content pillars tailored to your audience and goal
– A content calendar filled with ideas for 2 months
– Relevant hashtags

What do you do?

– Write your captions
– Create your posts
– Post/plan your content

Get your social media strategy now!

  • Target audience research
  • Content calendar post ideas for 2 months
  • Relevant hashtags

    Bonus 1: Expert tips on planning your content

    Bonus 2: An interactive Content calendar that you can keep using.

    209 euro

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Still in doubt if you need a social media strategy?

Check out my blog soon why it’s a must!