I’ll run your social media, while you focus on your guests.

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Social media in the hospitality industry? Who has time for that!

Being a hospitality business owner, this is not the very first priority, I get that completely! Having worked in different positions in hospitality, I know that it’s hard enough to just get your own job done. Let alone keep your business’s social media active.
That is why I, as a freelance social media manager, can help you with your online presence, from creating posts on Instagram, to reply to reviews on TripAdvisor. I got you covered!

What is the importance of social media in the hospitality industry?

Research shows that potential guests of businesses in the hospitality industry first check out their social media. For example, 75% of the potential guests of a restaurant rely on social media before making their decisions? (Bookdinner.com, 2020)

On which social media platforms do I need to be?

Depending on your goals and target audience, we will look for the best package. Want to get an idea already? Download the free set up guide for social media for hotels, restaurants or travelagencies.

Add on:

  • TripAdvisor Management
  • Google Review Management
  • LinkedIn (4 posts a month)
  • 4 TikTok/Reel ideas + edits
  • Blogpost (500 words)
  • Keyword research

Do what you do best and outsource the rest – Peter Drucker

How does social media management work?

No business in the hospitality industry needs to worry about their social media! The packages are optimized for the hospitality industry and really help you take care of your online presence.

With the basic package, you will still be posting some content yourself (with my advice). Perfect for small boutique hotels!

The travellers package helps your business to be seen on multiple platforms. Giving you a bigger audience worldwide. In this package, all content will be posted by me. Perfect for individual travel agents!

The all-in package is for the ones that also have B2B clients. Looking for investors? Or building a bigger brand with others? This would be your choice!

The process for social media management

The start

How it continues