Grow your business with Social Ads

We all know that social ads are a great way to get more bookings in for restaurants. Or what about more visibility for your travelagency? The flipside is that you might also know that it’s not just throwing money at a post. 
Getting good results calls for thoughthrough texts, proper visuals, analysing and adjusting. 

This is what I can help you with! 
You are the one that knows the goal with the social ads. I will come up with a suitable campaign for your business and goals. 

I can help you with

Good social ads for a hospitality business are

As you can see, there are multiple goals that you can achieve by social ads. Some are an ongoing process – some might be a single campaign. This also means that for some goals I might advice you to do multiple campaigns. Just for you to keep on getting the best results.

Are you ready for more leads and guests?

Setting up Social Ads takes time and expertise. Are you ready to get your time back and let me do my magic?

How does it work?

We discuss your goals in a discovery call. If there is a fit, I will send you an offer suitable for your business and goal. 

Once you accepted the offer, I will ask you to give me acces to your Meta Business Suite so I can take the next steps. Once everything is set up, I will start with the texts and visuals.

After your approval, the ads will go online. The first week will be the testing phase. Different ads will be tested to get the best results.

After the first week, we will now which ads perform the best. These winners will be run for a longer time. Simultaneously, we will keep on testing new ads.

After the first week, I will give you a call to show the winning ads and inform you on the new ideas for testing. Each week you will get a statistic report and monthly we will have a
30-minute statistic call.