Get your Google My Business Profile

“How do I get my business in that right corner on Google?” – Something you probably thought of when you started Googling yourself.

You might have seen this on Google. The right corner highlights the business that you searched for including pictures, a link to the website, a call button, their reviews, and much more. You can do this as well and I highly recommend you do it as soon as possible! It increases your online appearance drastically and who doesn’t want that?

Six steps to get your Google My Business

Google My Business is an easy way to show your business and more importantly, it’s free! Follow these steps, to get your business profile on Google. All you need is a Google account and a phone (for the fast way).

  1. Go to
  2. Log-in with your (business) Gmail account (if you don’t have a Gmail account, you can make one easily for free)
  3. Add your business by filling in the questions asked by Google
  4. Make sure to add a specific location if you serve people in a certain area. If you are a remote business, fill in the area of your target audience.
  5. Make sure to add a phone number that you have access to, so you can directly verify your business.
  6. You can do this without a phone, but note that Google then needs to send you a postcard with a verification code (which can take up to 10 days).
  7. Verify your business. The most important part, that by doing this, you will be the owner of all the information that can be found.

Expert tips for Google My Business

  • Add pictures! Showing your face, logo and what you do gives a feeling of legitimacy.
  • Add a short bio with keywords. Make sure that it is clear what you do and whó you do it for.
  • Use the contact buttons so people can easily reach you.
  • Add your services. Make sure that your services are clear in Google My Business profile, so people know what they can expect from you.

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