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Free social media set up guide

This guide is for all businesses that specialize in Hospitality, Food & Drinks.  Let’s start to share the love for Hospitality, Food & Drinks. 

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Know the basics

Know why you should be on a certain platform

Where to be

Know on which social media platforms your business should be

What to do

Have clear what is the minimum you need for your online presence

Focus on Hospitality

Tailored for businesses as restaurants, hotels or travelagencies.


Improve your online presence now

Online visibility is important for any business nowadays. As a business in hospitality you want to give your guests a memorable experience. You can start this experience online!

Did you know that 68% of people choose a restaurant by searching through social media? (bookdinners, 2023)

Introducing Surfing Pineapple

Sufing Pineapple is founded by Chantal Boot in 2021. With a true passion for hospitality, food and drinks she wants to help businesses in this industry thrive.

She’s here to help you get the first steps of your online marketing journey right and build a strong foundation from the get go. 

Clear processes have helped her and her clients to work as productive as possible. Reducing your personal time on social media and focus on the neccesary.

Use this step-by-step guide

The Basics

A clear overview of the 6 platforms you should be

Why and how

Why you should be on the platforms and how to start your account and maintain them.

Easy maintance

Tips on programs to use to make your life easier while building your brand online

Industry specific

Tailored to the hospitality industry. So you don't waste enery on something your potential guests or clients won't look.

Get the set up guide for social media management now

Step-by-step to improve your online visibility

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