More than 90 content ideas for your Social Media pages all packed together in one content calendar!

Surfing Pineapple has all “special” days focussed on health and food gathered for your business, so you always have something to write about! Choose which ones are applicable for your business and leave the others – easy, no?

Download your calendar now!

  • No more struggling for content ideas.
  • No more long evenings, tight to your desk creating content for Instagram.
  • No more last-minute Facebook posts.

How to use the Content Calendar 2022?

That’s up to you! Print the calendar or use it when you batch create your posts at the beginning of each month (I do the latter!). You can easily add or remove special days – which means it can be fully customized to your business.

Since the content calendar is customizable, you can use this calendar to create an overview of the different content that you would like to publish.

If you only want to have a reminder of what you can post. Then download the static content calendar by clicking here.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin

How to use the Content Calendar in your Social Media Strategy?

How to use the content calendar.
Delete the days you don't want to use, adjust the name to to the title, add the platform, add the type of content

All nice and well, so now you have over 90 ideas for the coming year to post on Social Media. Does this mean that everything is relevant? Unfortunately not! Choose which special days are relevant in your business and make sure to inform the guest whý this is day is relevant. Show your expertise!

Expert tips:
1. Adjust the name of the day to the title

2. Add the platform you want to post on

3. Add the type of content (post/reel/carrousel/video

Now you have an overview of when to have your specific content ready! Good luck!

Download your content calendar now!