Chantal Boot, owner of surfing pineapple in her wetsuit holding her laptop with a surfboard in the background.

Hi! I’m Chantal,

In 2021 I decided to choose for me, and leave my corporate job behind me. As a service coordinator and crewing coordinator I had been planning away my days and fought the so-called fires were possible. It was great to learn and work with technicians and offshore operators, but being a traveller at heart, it was time to spice things up. Working as a freelancer gave me this opportunity and I can do what I love, from wherever I am.

Me in bullets
  • I am a lover of the outdoor and love to go for a surf (preferably the warm countries, but hey, being a Dutchy I can’t decline a surf in the North Sea either)
  • Lover of sunsets over the sea with a good glass of wine and tapas (or any other food that can be shared with friends)
  • I saw a big chunk of the world while working 10hrs a day on a cruise ship for half a year twice.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”

– Andre Gide


Surfing is one of my hobbies and a sport that has been making me the happiest kid alive for years already. It all started with a surfing holiday in France and continued by working on a Surfcamp for a few seasons.

Moreover, surfing also stands for online surfing on the internet. Something we can all do for hours nowadays. Scrolling through Social Media, TikToks, Instagram posts and reels and so on. Surfing Pineapple wants to make sure that your business will also be seen inbetween these 100,000,000 of posts/reels and videos, but also online in search engines as Google.


Pineapple is the symbol for hospitality. Something that stands very close to me. When you work with Surfing Pineapple I want you to feel as if you are in a local, welcoming Bed&Breakfast, where the friendly innkeeper takes care of all your basic needs and more. This is what I, Chantal, would like to do for you and your business as well. Taking care of your basic Social Media and guiding you where needed.